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The existing dining room sat isolated from the garden and disconnected from the kitchen. The views angled towards the neighbours rather than their own space. An awkward arrangement of internal doors and tight spaces meant that the clients weren’t encouraged to go outside or move between rooms.

When you see light beyond it carries you into each space; the kitchen was redesigned as a functional through space opened up to the hallway. By removing the hard elements to the west and by facing away from the neighbour the outside space becomes private and integrated into the rest of the house.

contractor - PJM Joinery Ltd

structural eng. - David Narrro Associates

Cowan Road  Edinburgh

By using brick with toned down colours and by not using a roof light the extension is kept low maintenance. Instead a slot window to the south sneaks light into the dining room without distracting from the view or dominating the space. The window in the living room is replaced with doors that open to the patio linking it to the dining room. The patio features a neat L shaped bench and simply steps down to the grass. Cowan Road takes a modest form that doesn’t attempt to do too much so that each space remains welcoming.



As Existing

Ground floor plan

As Built

Ground floor plan

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