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Unusually this is a project that came through Gillian's driving instructor at the time.

The brief was to create additional living space to the existing semi detached property. The objectives were made more complex due to the first floor area being under separate ownership, and that the small backyard to the rear extended onto an open communal greenspace area.

The solution was to avoid the typical transparent and open garden room and come up with an addition that was more insular and responsive to its open setting by controlling the positions of the apertures- with lighting from above via a 'tucked' in rooflight (so no overlooking from above) and also recessing glazed doors facing onto the communal area to give a greater sense of privacy.

Incidentally, Gillian passed her driving test first time.

contractor - PJM Joinery Ltd

structural eng. - David Narro Associates

qs - Corben Consulting

photos - Dapple Photography

Pilton  Edinburgh


As Built

Ground floor plan

As Existing

Ground floor plan

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