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The existing conservatory was the client’s favourite space. However due to the split nature of the rooms they didn’t work cohesively when more than a few people are in the house. Yet the difficulty when creating a large room can be that it feels empty during everyday use.


In response to the form of the retained conservatory the new extension continues the existing roofline and pitch but takes a simpler form so that the two don’t compete. The metalwork continues along but dark stained timber has been introduced. Through the clever use of structure from the engineers no posts are needed externally so that the full height doors can slide back against the external wall. Combined with motorised blinds and lighting recessed into the ceiling the view towards the garden is uninterrupted.

"They took our desires into account but were not afraid to propose innovative ideas and challenge us when necessary. During the design process, they listened, understood and rationalised our thoughts on how to best turn our vision into a feasible project matching our budget. Having moved in for nearly 2 years, the place feels just right and has exceeded our expectations."

Chamberlain Clients 

consultants - Inscape Joinery

structural eng. - David Narro Associates

qs - Morham & Brotchie

photos - Dapple Photography 

Chamberlain  Edinburgh