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The kitchen is one of the most social spaces in a house. The original kitchen was too small and divorced from the main house. By bringing the kitchen into the centre of the plan a study could reuse the discrete outbuilding. Clean white walls with light timber elements make the space feel open and peaceful.

As the property is subdivided there was very little that could be achieved by spreading further into the garden. Therefore every available space internally had to be used more effectively.

contractor - PJM Joinery Ltd

structural eng. - David Narro Associates

qs - Corben Consulting

photos - Dapple Photography

Marchmont  Edinburgh

To help manage the kitchen full height wall units line the inside wall, tucking neatly behind the door. The existing doorway is retained, housing a bookcase and left with an opening above. This helps liven the plain white wall without filling it with clutter.


A carefully considered bathroom nestles into an existing boxroom adjacent, with recessed shelving to productively use the small space available and mirrored walls so that the room doesn't feel compact.