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The focus was to frame the dramatic drop and shelter amongst the trees. However it was complicated getting the project to function effectively on site due to the location being right in the centre of the town and also being constrained by the adjacent Listed Mackenzie Cottage, public toilets and the steep slope that drops down to the Water of Leith. The proposed design has evolved as a sensitive and discreet response to its immediate context of Mackenzie Cottage, adopting a robust contemporary architecture.

The building sits low against the tall trees with rectangular timber posts framing the view beyond so that when approached from the road the backdrop of mature trees is always discernible. Internally the offices needed to be simple. The desks are kept away from the meeting room to stop any disruptions and have their own private north facing view.

contractor. - J Gunn Builders

structural eng. - Will Rudd Davidson

timber frame - Rob Roy Homes

Colinton  Edinburgh


As Built Ground floor plan

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